The 10-Day Power Foods Detox
Decrease Bloating -- Reset Your Metabolism -- Clear The Brain Fog
Food-Based Program ~ Gluten-Free ~ Dairy-Free ~ Moderate Animal Protein
Are You Frustrated (or even embarrassed) By Your Body Not Feeling ALIVE?
You're Not Alone.
As a busy person trying to keep your head above water, you know the importance of healthy eating and working out.

But KNOWING this doesn't make DOING it any easier.

You want to do  great transformational program but, let's face it, you just need to get some momentum again. You need a step-by-step easy-to-follow program that will help you start getting these habits going again while helping you feel better.
That's Why I Created the 10-Day Power Foods Detox Program. This May Be For You If You're Experiencing . . .
  • Brain Fog
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Cravings for Refined/Processed Foods
  • Stubborn Belly Fat
The 10-Day Power Foods Detox Is Sure to give you results! Follow the program fully, participate in the group, and let your body heal itself! Follow the protocol 100% and if you're not satisfied, you'll get your money back!
What The 10-Day Power Foods Detox Program IS NOT:
NOPE! Not A Starvation Diet
Uhhhh . . . no. Just no. We all like food.
NOPE! Not A Juice Cleanse
Can you say liver crash with the fructose flush? Ah!
NOPE! Not an MLM or Product Pitch
You don't have to buy any product you don't want!
What The 10-Day Power Foods Detox Program Offers:
Complete Grocery List & Meal Construction Explanations
Totally Acceptable Yummy Treats Recipes
10-Minutes Only Fitness Focus Each Day (Video)
5 BONUS Areas Of Life To Detox (Small Tasks)
#KJoFit 10-Minute Bodyweight Workouts & Stretching Routines (VIDEO)
Frequently Asked Questions About The 10-Day Power Foods Detox
What is the 10-Day Power Foods Detox Program?
It is a 10-Day Foods-based program that will help detox your body, reduce sugar cravings, and build your knowledge of food pairing and nutrient combining. It will take you through three different phases of eating. There is a BONUS Day 0 for those wishing to really jump-start fat loss.
When can I start the 10-Day Power Foods Detox?
You can start the Detox anytime. You will receive the plan immediately via email after purchasing, along with any upgrades in education you select in the purchase process. Your support emails for Days 0-10 will begin two days following your purchase, giving you time to learn, shop,  order any products you wish and prepare. You do not need to be on Day 1 when that email arrives. You can save them all in a folder and read the emails on the appropriate day for when you do start.
Who should do the 10-Day Power Foods Detox Program?
Women over the age of 18 are all welcome to do the Detox Program. If you are experiencing bloating, water retention, fatigue, brain fog, food cravings for processed/refined foods, and feeling an overall "BLAH" then this is for you! All those doing the Detox program are expected to check with their physician, especially if on prescription medication, pregnant, experiencing an autoimmune condition, or lactating. All participants in the detox are given an opportunity for closer communication and coaching from #CoachKristyJo. This program is healthy and principles are taught well, but there will always be exceptions in unique cases. All users do so at their own risk and agree to participate and ask questions fully in the group or upgrade to coaching from #CoachKristyJo.
Do I need to buy any products besides the plan itself?
No you do not. You can do this program entirely on whole foods, though some of the products that are offered (not required) help make it more possible for busy and on-the-go people. There are core vitamins and supplements recommended that do not need to be purchased, but let's face it--your body has certain needs and #CoachKristyJo only recommends the basics of what the best research and naturopathic doctors are discovering we need in our bodies. It's up to you to take the education seriously or not :)
Do I get a grocery list?
Yes, of course! You will have a complete list of foods that I recommend under the Protein, Carbs, Fats, and Veggies categories. I keep it SIMPLE so that you can focus (and not spend a fortune at the grocery store). If you'd like to venture outside of the list, that's FINE. Use our Facebook group to ask questions and get ideas from others' meal posts!
Can I do the program more than once?
Yes! You have lifetime access to this PDF plan once you download it. Most Body Buddies do this once a quarter for maintenance, or when needing a reset from holidays, travel, or slip-ups that happen from time to time. This program works BEST for sustainable habits when followed with a Body Buddies program like the 8-week Challenge, or application of the principles #CoachKristyJo teaches in her book and recipe books.
Is there a difference between Detoxing for Fat Loss and Detoxing for Health?
Yes. If you want to jump-start your Detox for Fat Loss, please follow the protocol delivered by email and video for DAY ZERO. This will help jump-start your gut healing, fat loss hormones, and  prime your body for the next 10 days. If you are Detoxing for health, simply start on Day 1 with the food-based program. The portion size differences are discussed in the program that is delivered after purchase.
How is my program delivered to me once I purchase?
Your program and all education/motivation information will be delivered via email. Please make sure you are receiving all emails (you should receive 1 per day through Day 10) by checking Spam and Promotions in your inbox. Please email if you are having problems locating this email from #CoachKristyJo.
Does this Program cover Fitness as well?
This program features (4) short bodyweight programs with Kristy Jo's #KJoFit program. These can be done at home without any equipment, averaging 10-12 minutes in length. You will also receive a 7-minute Stretching program that you will do on Days 0-3 before heading into fitness on Day 4. Walking and doing day-to-day activities will be just fine provided your'e following the right portion guide for you.
What if we need more one-on-one support than the Facebook group?
You will be given the option to upgrade to more support from #CoachKristyJo. If you decide later on after the purchase you would like her help, please email to discuss the best coaching structure for you.
Do you have any Vegetarian/Vegan approaches to this Detox?
Yes, though I highly recommend eating grass-fed beef and hormone-free, antibiotic free free-range chicken and eggs as a fundamental (but not outrageous) portion of this program for the best neurotransmitter production and thyroid regulation.
Am I going to experience headaches, nausea, or skin breakouts?
Chances are you will as your body frees itself from the toxins and free radicals (chemical compounds). However, you should not be HUNGRY. When you follow the plan and utilize the helper supplements as directed, your body will move through it with ease and you will arrive on day 4 feeling AMAZING.
Is this gluten and dairy-free?
Yes. The program is both gluten-free and dairy-free. The recommended protein powder has a small trace of whey, but even those with Celiac and Lactose Intolerance have said their body was just fine.
Do I need to do the Sauna portion of the Detox?
You don't need to participate in the overheating therapy, but it's highly recommended as dry heat saunas help to release heavy metals through your skin's pores when you sweat. If you do not have access to a Sauna, please do not attempt to create one on your own.
Hear From Those Who Have Done It!
"It definitely worked! I dropped weight very quickly and can see more definition in my abs. I'd highly recommend this for anyone needing a push to get up and start because it's short and you see results quickly!"
-Casey Anderson
"I went into this as the worst sugar addict... and I ended the 10-Day Power Foods Detox as a different person mentally. My body felt better but more importantly I gained a sense of control over my mind I've never had before!"
-Kennedy Springer
"My results mentally have been amazing! I feel re-charged and I have energy! I am mentally ready to focus and feel like I can be strong enough to push the re-start button again."
-Anna Starley
"After the third day I could physically see my body tightening as the days progressed. I felt my body getting more energized as the days continued."
-Amie Ripley
"This program showed me that I can do hard things, that my mind is a powerful tool that can be either good or bad, in this case having a focused well set plan kept my mind from wandering and getting me off track. I feel like I am not as emotionally attached to food anymore it is just something I use to fuel my body, not my emotions.  I feel better, I am not as bloated, I am hydrated and sleeping better. I don't have food cravings like I used to, and my mind is not foggy, as long as I eat when I am supposed to. I am also more regular than I was prior to starting this program." -Kristi Hope
"I liked the discipline--it helped keep me on track. At first my body was trying to get used to it and was a little fatigued the first few days, but then I had lots of energy and control over my eating. I felt like I could keep going with this--it was great! I feel a little thinner, my pants are not as tight, and I have a lot of energy. I'm reading your book and it is terrific information. Thank you so much!" -Debbie Rackham
"I felt awesome during and after the 10-Day program! My cravings really went away! It helped me get back on a schedule eating at certain times and making sure I was getting enough protein and eating my vegetables. It was easy to follow and I liked the variety. This was a great re-boot getting me focused on my nutrition goals!" -April Miller
About #CoachKristyJo
Kristy Jo Hunt is an experienced Body Strategist* who founded Body Buddies, a nutrition and fitness education and coaching system, in 2012 and is the Author of The Power Foods Lifestyle nutrition book line.

She brings a powerful empathetic, yet motivating, energy to every client program or course she provides.   Having coached over 2,000 individuals and many more in her variety of courses and programs, she has a great ability to connect with, understand, and find solutions with those she coaches.

While she mostly spends her time creating and hosting courses and client programs, she is also an active competition dance teacher, dance competition judge, and lover of tickling the ivories and watching Korean dramas.

*Her term that takes a psychological and emotional approach to her Fitness Nutrition and Personal Training knowledge and certifications.
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